To answer this, you could ask yourself six sub-questions.

  • Is there a clear topic? What is the first thing you see, which element do you watch the longest, do other factors divert attention and add the technical aspects of the photo, or do they detract from the image?
  • Is the composition right? Create your order, fill the box, order the elements in the picture, do you also control the background? Keep it simple!
  • Do you pay attention to focus and lighting? Is the sharpness at the focal point in the photo? Does your choice for the depth of field make the picture better or worse? Do you consciously use focus distance and zoom settings? Are there any contrasting elements? Are the colors natural, do they properly reflect the feeling of the moment? Do color or black and white best suit your image?
  • Do you photograph narratively? Is there a story in your photo that you can express in words? Does the photo evoke feelings, or can you empathize with it? Does the photo give a powerful image or a message?
  • Does the light play a role in your photo? Think of the intensity and color of the light? Make suitable choices for bright and contrasting versus soft and matte? Do you use natural light or do you use flashes and the like? Does the exposure contribute to the message of your photo? Are the colors and light natural and if not, does this contribute to your photo?
  • Do you use your creativity? Do you show the subject through your eyes as a photographer or register?

What Makes Your Photo Good?

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