Photographer and art expert Ton Hermans has discovered that in art six standards of excellence apply and that these can be applied excellently in photography.

  • From superficial to deep. Is there depth in the image due to composition, line division, and the like?
  • From optical to tangible: Is the image visible to the viewer through the use of focus and details? Can you almost grasp what you see as it were?
  • From pattern to the idea. Do you document () what is present, or do you give substance to your idea with the image? Do you add a thicker layer from your thinking?
  • From part to the whole. Does the image give an impression of the whole, even if the subject is only a part of it?
  • From remarkable to universal. Does the image have universal applicability for the spectators? Can they connect with it?
  • From registration to the original. Are you able to give a distinctive, unique interpretation to the image, and make it identifiable as yours to jump out?

Six Criteria Of Excellence

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